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Release Date : 31st May 2019

Songs celebrating ancient connections with forest, elemental beings and nature, the shedding of ego and an immersion in the universe. The music itself is most reminiscent of the English folk of the '70's with a few other genres for good measure.

Recorded, produced and mastered at Broadoak Studios, Bexhill, East Sussex

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“nothing short of spectacular” - Mike Dimitriou, Noise Journal

Formats : vinyl gatefold, CD digipack, download

Release Date : 1st October 2010

Debut album recorded and engineered by Ed Blakeley.  A collection of medieval and pastoral folk songs teeming with literary references and celebrating nature in all its forms with all the time-honoured themes of death, love (both requited and unrequited) mythology and high and lonely places.


“this could be a lost Sandy Denny or Jacqui McShee album” 

Formats : CD (digipack with lyric sheet), download

Release Date : 22nd January 2022

Originally a harp tune, some musing on symbiotic relationships, addition of light percussion, guitar and bass, and the fully fledged track came into being.

Artwork by Claire Valentine-Gibson

Produced by Lee Igglesden

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Formats :  download only

Sourcery Kim Thompsett
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